Q660 G0 and B3 - help please guys


Aug 7, 2008
Hi guys, i've got build pre-overclocked. Its a Q6660 at 3.02ghz.

I have a few questions guys, as i'm really keen to get into some overclocking and have been studying it:

1. how can I tell if my Q6660 is a G0 or B3? I know that the G0 has a higher thermal heat specification see - http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=2774&SearchKey=

so does that mean that it can run at higher temps when overclocking?

2. When looking at CPU-Z, my Bus Speed is 336 but my core voltage is a whopping 1.41!
Does this mean that they put the voltage up unnecessarily high for my FSB or is this normal?

3. If this voltage is too high, I could probably get away with adjusting the FSB to 380 for 3.4 GHZ and not notice a higher temperature right?

Speedfan measures my temps on idle:
System: 19C
CPU: 32
AUX: -29
CPU: 42
System: 27
PWM: 55

Thanks for the help guys and i'm sorry if these seem like moronic questions


Sep 4, 2008
1) Almost every Q6600 being sold now is a G0. You can tell by looking at the proc itself or you can use CPU-Z. G0 is more OCing friendly as it requires less volts and can usually be pushed higher.

2) 1.4v seems pretty high for that fsb. They probably just make it that high so they can guarantee stability without much hassle.

3) Well vcore has the most effect on temps but speed does as well so your temps will be higher, it is hard to say how drastically though. Just make sure you OC correctly and don't just jump to 3.4ghz.

Also, speedfan hasn't been accurate since C2D. Use realtemp or coretemp instead.


Aug 20, 2008
1) use cpu-z. The G0 needs lower voltages and yes, it can be pushed farther.

2) Is the vcore set to auto in the bios?

3) Manually set the vcore as you overclock, so it will run as cool as possible.