Q6600 interchange with q9550

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According to shubham1401's link above, your system should work with a Q9550.
That being said, as I doubt you will be able to overclock through Dell's BIOS, you really will not see to large an increase in performance.
IMHO you would be much better off saving that $250+ for a new P55 motherboard and i7/i5 CPU.

W Craven

May 8, 2009
You need to find out what stepping your q6600 is useing cpu-z first .. if it's a G0 chip then it's a good one and can be overclocked pretty good.. then you could spend that money on a better mother board /ram/heatsink/ power supply.. Don't always think you need to buy new parts as i buy used myself and it makes the money go along ways as these people upgrade to i7/i5 they unload there 775 socket parts cheap and they work as good as new ones..
G0 chip and can get you in the 3.4 to 4Ghz range.. B3 chip maybe 3.0-3.4Ghz range.


May 29, 2008
With Dell, you will NOT be able to Overclock, they use horrible motherboards that they lock the BIOS and even worse power supplies.

Also, there is not much of an upgrade going from a Q6600 to a Q9550, if it is sheer ghz you're looking for, get a good LGA 775 motherboard and new mid-tower case and an aftermarket heatsink/fan and OC the Q6600 to 3.0 or above, it'll be cheaper to do that than buy the @9550 itself...

You can get more out of your Q6600 by overclocking it.

Fool the system into thinking the chip works off a 333 mhz FSB, and you'll get 3.0 out of it;
BSEL mod

There are a couple of programs known to work with Dells that can gain you 4-500 mhz, here's one;

Both cost nothing ( unless you do the conductive ink mod and have to buy the ink ) and have been proven to work on the XPS 420.

Yes, the BSEL mod is defiantly an option.
If you do have a G0 Q6600 (use CPUz to find out) there is a good chance you can get 3Ghz stable on the stock voltage.
Make sure to thoroughly read up on BSEL mods before you attempt one (there are many great links to be found on Google).
If done properly, it is a fairly safe and reversible way to get a good overclock.