Question Quality HDMI female to DVI male adapter

Hello, I have a PNY GTX 1050 2gb and a BenQ GW2270 22" monitor.

The monitor has DVI (currently connected to the card) and VGA (connected to a laptop). The monitor's native resolution is 1920x1080 60hz.

Problem: I get random black screens and artifacts when web browsing and sometimes when gaming. My monitor says no signal and the pc then just goes back to normal a few seconds later. The pc is always responsive when this happens so i suspected GPU or monitor. I made a thread for this a while back but the problem went away. The solution recommended was to buy a better DVI cable since i was using the cheapest one on eBay originally meant for CCTV, but i have made up my mind I want this monitor to have an HDMI input for best compatibility. Now the issue is back again and I want to fix this.

Since this is not a crazy spec monitor I should be able to use an HDMI female to DVI male adapter, correct? I already have a rather nice red and black and red braided HDMI cable that i know works.

Is there any specific brand you would recommend so I don't have any more black screen issues caused by low end cables or converters?
If you have a choice, a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter might be a better option. Most DVI to HDMI adapters are coupler-style (no cable section) which puts more leverage/strain on the connectors, and it's difficult to find well-made ones since they're so mass manufactured.