Question about hyper-threading


May 18, 2012
So I'm torn between buying the i7 2600k and the i5 2500k.

I know the 2600k has hyper-threading where the 2500k does not.

My main concern is that I plan on running multiple clients on an old mmorpg game (asheron's call). These would all be running decal programs that allow me to bot each client for farming. Would the hyperthreading help with these functions?

I also plan on playing some high end games or watching videos/writing code while I'm running 5-6 clients.

So basically I want to game/code/watch videos while these clients are running.

Could the 2500k do this without any problems or should I just spend the extra 70-80$ and get the 2600k with hyper-threading.

I plan on purchasing an asrock z68 extrem3 gen3 mobo, radeon 6850 graphics card 1gb, and 600 watt modular psu.

You do realize that most MMORPG's frown upon botting? And some makers have begun to sue users of such programs under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act? Just thought I'd throw that out there that you're potentially opening yourself up to civil litigation.

At any rate, based on your description, yes I do believe the i7 is worth the extra cost.