Question Question about the i9-9900k clock speed Vs the 6700k


Jan 22, 2016
So I know very little about the clock speed of CPU'S, I know that the 9900k runs at 3.6 and the 6700k at 4.0

Is the 9900k by default faster due to the extra cores and threads for gaming or does the 6700k get more of a boost due to the 4.0 speed.

Also is it worth OC'ing to 5.0 or will I still see benefits of the 9900k @ 3.6 whilst gaming compared to the 6700k
You cannot compare cpu's based on GHz. You are also not looking at boost speeds, for example even without overclocking the 9900k can boost to 5.0GHz in the right circumstances. Really you need to lookup reviews. For our gaming the 9700k can actually work out better, games don't use the extra threads of the 9900k and the 9700k runs a little cooler and often overclocks a little higher. However unless the rest of the system can keep up the differences make no real world difference.
The 6700K boosts a single core to 4.2 GHz/ and 4 cores to 4.0 GHz, vs. the 5.0 GHz boost of 1 or 2 cores, or 4.7 GHz all core turbo of the 9900K...(the Z390 boards also support higher RAM speeds more routinely than did Z170/270, leading to better single core performance when/if both were run at same 4.6 GHz but higher RAM speeds for 9900K, for example)