Question Question Black screen in full screen games


Jun 15, 2018
Hi everyone,
been having trouble with gaming lately, bsod due to a hardware fault with my xbox wireless controller which was discovered with windbg, had to reinstall windows and now i have trouble playing games in full screen. First of all i will attach my system information

so when i play a game in full screen it goes black after a few seconds then comes back and then stays black. I can hear sound and i can alt tab out of it and load the desktop gui. To reproduce this i ran aida 64 and stressed my gpu, i thought it might be dying so it would be a good idea to check the stability however that did not present any issues. However then i played around with heaven benchmark 4 and tried playing in full screen and not in full screen, i reproduced the error in full screen conforming it is a weird issue. Since then i downgraded my amd driver down to the 19.5 series but it still gives me problems, even after manually uninstalling the driver in driver explorer. Also ran sfc and dism which did not help. Any help is appreciated



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