Questions about a New "Gaming" Notebook


Aug 1, 2005
Does anyone know a link to a review about the top AMD Mobile 64 4000+ and the Pentium M 780? I'd like to know which one would perform better in terms of gaming performance and power comsumption. And to save another post on the Graphics Card sect., how much better is the Go 6800 Ultra from the ATI 128Mb Xpress 200M. I have been saving up to buy either a laptop or a new desktop. However, if a mobile platform can deliver the speed to run, say HALO with most settings on High @ 1280x1024, then I'd be happy. (The mobility of the notebook is not a main concern, it would just be nice to save desk space.) Otherwise, I'll save a little more and build an Athlon X2.


Jul 25, 2005
Or now, look for notebooks with the Geforce Go 7800GTX in them for an even bigger performance increase.

As much as I would like to knock it, Dell's XPS notebooks are pretty reasonable. I'd suggest taking a look at them. However haven't been looking at high end laptops in 6 months, so I could be out of the loop.


Sep 12, 2004
I've been wondering the same thing myself. Fortunately, I'm an employee of Best Buy, so check this out.

On sale this week, $1200. Great deal, roughly $200 cheaper than anything else out there. But then again, I'm building a double wide liquid cooled tower for gaming, I just imagined myself screaming at some nub in a cafe while I was playing CS Source....

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AMD 2500+M@ 2.4 ghz, 6800GT
Looks liek a good system - especially for the price - but the X600 will get killed by the Go 6800 in performance.

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