questions about OC i5 8600k aorus gaming 5 mobo

Feb 24, 2018
Hey guys!

So the last few days i've been oc'ing my cpu and i'm having some trouble finding the right settings, this is my first time oc'ing and i'm getting stable clock's but still not sure about the few settings.

I'm having a stable overclock at 4.8 ghz @ 1.315 Vcore with prime blend test temps not going over 78C for around 2 hours ( going for longer periods after some advice). Uncore ratio 45!! AVX offset 2
While testing my vcore voltage goes as high as 1.31 and 1.14 lowest. underload the vcore is around 1.20.
Now the thing is i have a setting in my bios called:CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration /cpu internal AC/DC loadline.
I have notice the CPU internal AC/DC loadline doesn't do anthing.
The CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration on the other hand does alot to my Vcore spiking and i have Auto/standard/high and turbo settings.

Now the thing is when i put that setting on high i can put my CPU Vcore voltage to 1.28 and be stable...BUT my voltage spikes to 1.34 and doesn't go any lower then 1.24 ish..
BUT my Temps are going way over 90C and max 97C...
So even tho my overall voltage is lower my temps and spikes in voltage are still higher.

Now the gab between 4.8ghz and 5ghz in voltage i find way to much.
When i wanne aim for 5ghz(Uncore ratio 45!!AVX offset 2) on the cpu without the loadline calibration i have to put Vcore about 1.37 to let prime not give me erros withing few minutes, now again when putting the setting to high or tubo i can be ok on 1.3 Vcore but temps are just redicelous..

All the other power saving features on my mobo are all on auto..speedshift and all the C stuff....
VT-D disabled

Could it be that my psu is underpeforming or my mobo is just bad?
Or Should i just stick with my 4.8Ghz settings?

GPU G1 Gaming gtx 1080
Aorus gaming 5 MOBO.
CPU i5 8600k Be quiet dark rock pro 3 cooler.
Memory G.Skill DDR4 Ripjaws V 2x8GB 3200.
PSU G650M Cooler master.
Case is Phanteks enthoo Pro M

EDIT: I have now stable 4.8ghz overclock with different setting.
I have the CPU Vcore loadline calibration on HIGH .

cpu 1.230V 4.8GHZ uncore 45 AVX 2
Vcore MIN 1.18 MAX 1.25 under load 1.19-1.25
temps max 80

So with these settings i have now a lower overal Voltage but a light increase in temps.
But having a lower overall voltage is in my opinion the better option?



When testing your cpu with Prime 95 it is recommended that you test small ffts. The Blend test mostly tests the ram and does not really give an indication if your cpu overclock is stable. It is also recommended that you use Prime 95 version 26.6, simply for the reason that AVX instructions are not included.
Feb 24, 2018

thanks for the anwser!

I have been running bot versions for 8 hours without a problem
Current clock is 4.8ghz at 1.230V LLC high (second highest setting)

When running Prime 95 version 26.6 my temps only hitting 74 while the other version gives me around 83.
Now for the 5GHZ clock i have not the right settings atm, but when using the prime with avx version i'm getting 90+ Temps on 1.30V (not stable yet) but mabey i should try Prime 95 version 26.6 first.

I'm using for both overclocks avx 2 and uncore ratio 45.

what are your thoughts?



If you don't actually use AVX apps such as for rendering or transcoding, then there's no point in configuring an AVX offset just to be AVX stable.

AVX can be disabled in Prime95 versions later than 26.6 by inserting "CpuSupportsAVX=0" into the "local.txt" file in Prime95's folder. However, since Core temperatures will be the same as 26.6, it's easier to just use 26.6.

If, on the other hand, you do run AVX apps, then by all means configure your AVX offset so that Vcore, Power (Watts) and Core temperatures of P95 with AVX matches P95 without AVX. An offset of 4 or 5 may be needed to maintain Core temperatures.

See the following Sections:

4 - Core Temperature
8 - Overclocking And Voltage
11 - Thermal Test Basics
12 - Thermal Test 100% Workload

Intel Temperature Guide -

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