Questions about Q6600 & 9600GT.


Oct 6, 2008

First, I'd like to say that i'm not an expert overclocker. so don't go into too much technical stuff. if its very necessary then go for it.

I'm trying to overclock my video card which is Evga 9600gt.stock speeds were 675/1673/900. one problem im having is with the memory clock, when i increase it to 1014,i hit a wall with the other two, best speeds (with 1014 memory clock) were 700/1776, after that stress programs/games crash. i decreased the memory clock to 1000. and i got to 740/1837. i didn't want to go further because im using the stock fan. I used Evga precision for overclocking. my first question is: are those speeds good? 2nd, has anyone had a similar issue with the memory clock or is it the same for all 9600s?. I ran 3dmark vantage at clock speeds and i got 4244 for the graphics score. 4917 after overclocking. my temps were 65 highest and 47 lowest. are those temps too hot??.

Another issue is with my Q6600, before i wrote this, i noticed that (according to CPU-Z) it runs at 1600mhz (multiplier=6) sometimes and goes up to its clock speed 2400(multiplier=9)at other times.( its not overclocked). has anyone had the same problem? or do you know why this is happening?? my motherboard is Gigabyte EP45-ES3L. and Bus speed is always the same

Cpu speed at 1600mhz

Cpu speed at 2400mhz & Video card speeds.

Also, i heard that Running Q6600 with multiplier on 9 and bus speed at 333 is safe using stock fan/heatsink , is that true??

Sorry for the bad English.
thanks in advance!!


Jun 4, 2008
I'm not great with the OC stuff, but I do know that video memory usually does not overclock very well.
Your temps are fine.
Your Q6600, like all modern day cpu's, slow down when your computer isn't doing much to save power. Then when you start using applications, opening files, it will speed up to it's full speed.

That's all I can help with. Best of luck.


Jun 18, 2008
well, i knwo a couple of people who have top notch GPU oc's but crappy RAM... my RAM overclocked about 150-200mhz (300-400mhz effective) while my gpu only managed a 20mhz increase... lol

as for the Q6600, that is the most common question posted on computer forums. its a technology called intel speedstep, which lowers the multiplier (lowering the clock speed) to save power. if you go into yoru bios, you will notice a feature somewhere called "EIST" and "C1E". disable all those power saving features.

as for running the Q6600 @ 3ghz (333x9) on the stock cooler...yea it can be done, but i wouldnt be comfortable with those temps. besides, with a nice aftermarket heatsink, it should be able to get to 3.6GHZ, which si a 50% OC ;)