Question Questions on a gpu ( 1080 hybrid evga )

Nov 8, 2022
so i seen it was 209 coming to 223$ with tax ..

i know this is an Older card , but seeing that Evga is not going to be Making Cards anymore, I thought it be a good time to invest in an Older one ..

i have a Asus Rx 580 .. and have been Wanting to upgrade .. And ever Since i got my 580 , i wanted to water cool it , but Water blocks, and everything i would have to buy , would almost Run me As much as the Card is Worth ... So its nice this Card has a Cooler aready on it .. i just wanted to reach out , and Ask The community what they think about this Card, and if it was a good deal or not

here is the link ,, it Looks like a Brand new CArd (|tkp:Bk9SR4LD1Y-LYQ

i was going to get this one for 198$ .. but looking at the pics, adn seeing all the dust, I think this has Gotten alot of use .. so spending a little more on The 209$ one seemed like the better call,....|tkp%3ABk9SR_jC1Y-LYQ

God Bless, and looking forward to hearing waht you guys have to say about My spending Happits


A downside with pre-assembled gpu AIO/CLCs is that when the pump goes, you will have to replace the cooler. If you can get your hands on a compatible replacement, it won't be cheap.
Fans are cheap to replace, so stick to air cooled models if purchasing gpus 2nd hand. There's a DIY option where you remove the gpu shroud and zip-tie case fans to the heatsinks.
Leave 2nd hand AIO/CLCs alone.
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