Radeon 9200 - screen flickers!



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Hello all,
I just got a 24-inch lcd monitor and a Radeon 9200 (128MB) card, I'm
running WinXP and SP1 with the latest MS updates, my mother board is an ECS
P6S5AT with AGP 4x slot, and there are no AGP driver updates available. I
have the lastest ati driver from www.powercolor.com.tw (Catalyst 7.96).

When connected using my dvi port and running my resolution at 1920x1200
(32bit mode), my screen gets flickering-horizontal lines constantly.
Sometimes it'll get stuck just in flickering-mode and I am forced to
reboot. I did notice that it only flickers when I bring up any type of
menu, such as 'start' menu, right-click, etc. So I disabled the transition
effects for menus and disabled shadows under menus using display
properties. After that, it works fine, no flickering. The only problem
now is that the Welcome Login screen that comes up after a reboot has
shadowing and fade effects which causes the flickering problem. 7 times
out of 10 I can login fine having it only flicker a few times, but the rest
of times it flickers so bad that I need to reboot and cross my fingers that
I'll be able to login this time. This also causes problems when playing
dvd's, although it's not as bad anymore after I disabled the menu
transition effects.

I've tried changing my agp speed to 1x using ATI's SMART<something>,
changed my refresh rate to 60Hz, 75Hz and 85Hz. Turned of fast-write, I've
reinstalled my drivers, I've removed the ATI control panel. Nothing seems
to work. Oh, my winxp screensavers don't work very well either, I get
gradient lines, so I've had to disable my screensavers.

So, does anyone have any helpful info on this? Tips?
I'm on the verge of exchanging this card for another one. Does any one have
any card recommendations for this type of setup? I don't mind if it's ATI
or nvidia, as long as it works. And, I'm not a gamer ;) I just need the
large real estate for editing documents, spreadsheets, browsing and
watching Kill Bill (DVD) ;)



Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.video (More info?)

"Jaime A." <n2paint@sbcglobal.net> wrote in message
> So, does anyone have any helpful info on this? Tips?

There may be some more complex problems in either the configuration
or the hardware, but the first thing that comes to mind is that you should
check the monitor documentation, and make sure that you are using
the recommended timing - esp. the right refresh rate.

Bob M.