RAM: 2 sets of 2 modules or one set of four modules?


Oct 8, 2011
Hi guys

I'm building an X79 system and I am about to choose 16 gigs of RAM. I plan to assign 10 gig as a RAM drive, leaving 6 for the system.

Would it be better to go for a single four-DIMM set or for a couple of two-DIMM sets? All DIMMS are Corsair Vengeance of the same exact spec, the only difference is the number of modules per set.

For some the single 4-DIMM set would be preferable because all four modules are supposedly matched with each other, whereas if I choose two 2-DIMM sets the modules in those are only matched within each individual pair. Does it make any difference in stability or performance?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

The only difference is that the manufacturer put 4 in that box and 2 in that box.

You can be pretty confident that the 4 are coming from the very same production set whereas 2 boxes of two could be made months apart.

It doesn't really matter, but the safest bet for them to work without problems is 1 box of 4.