Jan 6, 2010
I am running window 7 32 bit. but unable to play recent games MW 3 and battlefield due to RAM issue. As I have 4 gb DDR 2 ram but due to 32 bit system it is limited to 3.2 only.
So i have decided to go for window 7 64 bit. i also want to add 2 GB ram more to make it 6 GB.

i have two more slot left on my mother board. so please tell whether i have to put both slot or only one slot will work.

My mother board is gigabyte GA MA 78 us2h.
Just adding a 4gb single module will work, assuming it is compatible with your current ram and the motherboard. That means the same voltage and speed at least.
Some motherboards are sensitive to mismatched ram.

Depending on your motherboard, the matched 2gb might run in dual channel mode, and the odd 2gb in single channel mode.
Or.. it all will be in single channel mode. Read your motherboard manual to see which. Still, the performance hit of single channel mode is minor, and the extra ram will more than compensate.

Ram is cheap today. Do consider getting a 8gb(2 x 4gb) kit anyway.


Given the low price of memory, the risk of instability due to not perfectly match memory modules and the fact that the fewer memory slots populated the better buy a new set of the size and timings you want (some examples: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007611%20600006042%20600006107%20600006069&IsNodeId=1&name=8GB%20%282%20x%204GB%29).