Dec 3, 2006
let me just make sure ik what im talking about before i order my ram here in a few days. although i am getting a intel mobo, which says only ddr2-800 with 555 or 666 timings and 1.8v work, it shouldnt matter. i shoudl be able to buy any ddr800 and it should work fine, i'll just have to change the voltages correct? if i buy memory with quicker latencies then suggested, will it run at the memorys latency (say 4-4-4-12) or the mobos (555 or 666) or will i have to change that manaully as well. basicly what i want to know is, can i choose whatever memory i want, regardless of specs, and adjust the settings of the mobo to suit it. also, a friend of mine, that has a intel mobo, said when he changed his settings to ddr800 (it initially recognized his memory as 667) it wouldnt post. is this a common problem and can i work it out?

on another note:
super talent ddr2-800, 4-4-3-8, 2.2v
corsair xms2 ddr2-800 4-4-4-12 2.1v

ive heard the super talents good stuff?
Which MB???

You should be able to change it in the bios regardless.
Just chang the dram timing from SPD to whatever your ram calls for.

I have the XMS2 4-4-4-12 and love it.

Currently running it at 1101MHz 5-5-5-18, 2.15V.


If the MB maker says only certain types of RAM will work, I'd believe the MB maker. Intel brand MBs, unlike most other MBs, sometimes won't let you change DIMM voltage etc. All DDR2 RAM should work at 1.8V(perhaps at slower-than-advertised speeds), or it is defective. However, the specific settings programmed into the SPD on the DIMM may not be compatible with the Intel MB, so make sure whatever RAM you get will (1) run at the speed you want at 1.8V, not higher voltage, and (2) has the DDR2-800 555 or 666 timings programmed into its SPD.

Here's more info on SPDs, timings, and advertising:


Nov 2, 2006
All DDR2 RAM should work at 1.8V(perhaps at slower-than-advertised speeds), or it is defective.
Just a slight clarification here, this is only true for JEDEC compliant DDR2 memory. Performance memory is not JEDEC compliant which is why you run into the voltage issues. With most performance memory, you need more voltage to run at faster speeds or to exceed certain JEDEC specifications. And, JEDEC is one reason why stodgy old Intel often won't allow you to adjust the memory voltages.

If you buy a MOBO that will not allow you to adjust the voltages then you do not need to buy performance memory. You'll be just fine with a value line.


Apr 28, 2006
I have XMS2 at 800Mhz on 2.1v
Its good stuff.

You can cange the times and the Mhz in BIOS... how you go about it depends on what MB and BIOS you have.