Dec 27, 2019
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z390 AORUS ELITE-CF (U3E1)
my ram is stuck at 2133mhz and when i enable xmp it fails to boot
i have
i am aiming to achieve higher boots clocks for my ram to round about 4400mhz if possible
i have searched on the web and i havent found anythink that will help me out
i have also asked friends about the issue however they do not own the motherboard so they cant help
DDR4 4400... that's pretty fast. Unfortunately, not all systems can handle that. You will have to manually tweak RAM settings to find the best it can do. I would dial-in the XMP settings; then maybe increase timings to CL20 instead of CL19. Or, lower the speed. 1.45V is pretty high for DDR3, probably the highest you would want to go. So, either increase timings or decrease speed.
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Dec 23, 2011
your board doesnt officially support 4400mhz looking at the spec sheet, and i didnt see any additions in the bios update descriptions, according to Aorus website, max supported speed is 4266 (OC), maybe you should try to manually set the speed at 4266 and C19