Jun 25, 2009
Hi i have been playing around with Ramdisc and it got me thinking about the speeds vs ssd drives i dont at the min own a ssd
now i have a 32bit vista and 64 bit win7 in vista i give it 4gig ramdisc and put a game on to it and the load times for the game where more or less instant (richard burns rally) are ssd drives as fast as a ramdisc in read and write if.
my thinking is should i get a ssd drive witch i think are exensive or up the ram to 16gig and put my most played games in to the ramdisc ??
Normally the SSD is used for OS + Programs.
Typical installation will be around 30->40 gigs. Therfore a 64 gig SSD is a little small, but with a 120->128 gig SSD you could install some games to the SSD.
SSD will decrease boot time and decrease program load times, but not FPS in game. The games installed to the SSD will load fast and maps will also benifit - as long as on the SSD.

SSD About 20->40 x faster than a HDD. Ramdisk about 5 -> 10 X faster than a SSD.

I have 16 Gigs of RAM and have used a 8 gig Ramdisk, also have 2 128 Gig SSDs, But NOT a gamer.
Agree 100% with RetiredChief