Question Random crashes

May 27, 2021
For about 2 months now I have been getting random crashes when playing games such as warzone and battlefield 5. Once when it had crashed it come up saying it was a page file error. My available virtual memory is 11795mb. yet my friend with the exact same ram as mine has 27000mb of available virtual memory.
Well since today, when I finish playing and click to exit back to desktop, my pc goes onto the bsod screen and said at the bottom “memory management”. It’s getting rather annoying now, I’ve done all the scan checks, but they always say that everything is fine. I’ve got no drivers or software that needs updating. So what could this be?
why does my friend have more virtual memory even though our rams are exactly the same?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Pc Spec:
Cpu - ryzen 3600
Gpu - msi rtx 2070 super ventus oc
Mobo - asrock b450 steel legend
Ram - Corsair vengeance rgb 16gb (@3200mhz)
Psu - Corsair rm850x

Hdd - unknown brand but 1tb (771gb free)
M.2 - sabrent rocket 1tb (723gb free)
Sata - wd 120gb (13.7gb free) - this is where windows 10 is saved to same as the pagefile
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