Question Random freezing nothing found in event viewer, but HDD jumps to 100% usage when freezing occurs

Mar 23, 2021
As explained above my computer has been randomly freezing, it lasts about 3-5 seconds and my audio breaks but does not go out. When I go to event viewer nothing is there at the time of the crash/freeze. But since this has been happening I figured I would leave task manager open to see if anything happens after the freeze. What I found from that is my HDD is jumping to 100% usage, sometimes both my HDD and SSD. I'm not sure if this jump in usage is causing the freeze or "repairing" what happens. My HDD is not my boot drive and crashes occur mostly when not gaming , not sure if it has ever happened when gaming if that points to anything If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Also my PC temps are good, averaging about 55 C during gaming, Let me know if there is any additional info needed that could help.