Question Random PC restarts while gaming.

Apr 1, 2020
Hello, i have built recently a PC with the following specs:
CPU: i7 - 9700k @4.90GHz (clocked using MSI dragon center custom profile - View:
Cooling: Noctua U14S
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060 Super Windforce OC
RAM: 32GB(2x16) Hyper X Fury RGB @ 3200Mhz
PSU: EVGA 750 BQ 750W Bronze
SSD: 1tb intel 660p /no hdd/
4 rgb fans and 2 normal corsair fans + 1 led stripe

I built the pc around black friday and i have never had any issues until recently, when my PC started randomly restarting while gaming. Yesterday happened once, and today twice, while i was playing CS:GO and nothing else running in background except discord. And i know it is not windows updates or anything, so i did check the windows event viewer. This are the issues in event viewer: View:

Temperatures are decent: around 60deg all the time. Never seen going over 65 at all. Graphics card drivers are latest, i updated them yesterday after first crash, cuz i thought it might be a reason.

Should i consider replacing the power supply unit? What would u recommend? What else could be an issue?


if the restarts are happening only while gaming, they are not random.
"while gaming" indicates a possible PSU issue.
does it happen at stock speeds?

My canned random reboot Rant
Random reboots are usually caused by the PSU, the RAM or software AND in that order of likely-hood.
PSU - If you can borrow/swap a PSU for testing. sibling/friend you can swap out the PSU and each system will be testing the other.
RAM - run the system with one stick of RAM see if stability returns if not Test all the RAM with memtest 86 for five passes or overnight. if you get no 0 errors after more than five passes the ram is good. with the random reboots I would suggest running this test after the PSU swap or after the PSU has been cleared.
Software - Drivers or other issues can cause reboots. Boot to a linux distro on a USB drive. mint linux will boot to memtest86. you can run the OS from the USB and await reboot.
end canned rant
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Apr 1, 2020
Thank you for the suggestions.

I was thinking about replacing the PSU. I did another 2-3 hours in CS GO clocked at 4.00ghz and had no issues so far. Will also run the memtest overnight, because i dont have another PSU atm that i can test with. Will see if i get any issues with that.

Hello again,

I did run the memtest86 overnight and got zero errors on the ram with the XMP profile on at 3200mhz. All software and drivers are upto date.

I went and purchased another PSU, this time: EVGA 850 GQ 850W 90% efficiency and i will update about a week later if i faced some more issues. According to the vendor that sold me the new PSU, this would not have any issues with the system specs i have.

Thank you again for the suggestion for RAM test.
Best Regards.
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