Random Shutdown = High temps or Bad PSU


Mar 19, 2009

I upgraded my PC and everything went fine until I started some GPU intensive games. The problem is this happens randomly and mostly on CoD4 with a XFX 4850 512 MB. I monitored my gpu temps with GPU-Z and the max ever the card reached is GPU temp - 75 . GPU memory goes highest 81 *c . My room temperature is around 30 * at least .

I had suspicions over my GPU temps , but if a card overheats only the display goes off and other components still keep running , right? Anyway , now my doubts are on my Power supply . Its a 450 watt and I found it has like two +12v rail each having 17 A and 16 A . I bought the Power supply in a hurry , it costed me around 550 Indian Rupees i..e like 11-12 $ . I read a review saying 18 A is safe so I just had the PSU . Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I need help if its the GPU temps are the making the PC shutdown or the Power supply. thanks



Nov 16, 2007
temps look ok. it sounds like power. The amps look ok. But 450 watts are low. $12 lol. Cheap amps are just that cheap. Get a better psu with 550w plus and mid 30A combined amp range.