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Question Random shutdown / Reboot issues

Feb 14, 2021
Hi there, I have this issue where my computer randomly turns off display output, but continues to run in the background (voice chat, music running, heck can even respond on vc) Sometimes it goes back to normal on its own, other times it halts completely.. After restarts sometimes it wont boot (hanging with White Q-led code, indicating VGA issue), and requires you to either try restarting a few times or turning off the system for a hot min. others it starts up like nothing ever happened.. I've tried changing out my vga card (a new 3090) to my old 2080 ti and the system was running fine for like a week of evening use, until it did the exact same thing while watching a live stream..

Back before I switched back to the 2080ti i could play for many hours on Ultra graphics while Streaming it without any issues. Only after i stopped streaming it would crash on a youtube video, so it has no issues being punished / forced to work, but as it goes to relax on youtube the system halts.. Leaving me to believe it's not a Vga issue (would be odd having the same issue on two cards)

I've tried running a 3Dmark on the 3090 and it passed without issues, I've tried running Intel's Processor diagnostic tool again Passing without issues...

Something random I've noticed is that the RGB on my Cpu cooler (Nzxt Kraken) stops working randomly (potentially connected to Motherboard issue?)
And the RGB in my 2080 ti downright refuses to turn on (think i've seen it on once since i plopped it in)
Two not the end of the world issues, but it could potentially point at the motherboard? Right?

I've tried reinstalling the system

What would be your next step?
Any other test programs you would run to further sus out the issue?

I myself am leaning towards motherboard / Psu issues, but i have no easy way to test em.

The reliability monitor gives me the following error codes
LiveKernelEvent 117; 141; 193

System specs
Intel Core i9-9900K
Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3200
Powered by a ASUS ROG Thor 850w psu


With Nvidia, you have to completely remove profile when changing cards, otherwise it will apply old settings to the new GPU, which can be tricky.

I would remove any tuning utilities (Afterburner and alike) and use DDU to clean out the driver in safe mode, then install driver from scratch. That should fix it.

Another thing, those cards are powerful and the PSU might be acting up, which might yield similar issues. In that case check “Power Loading” option in BIOS to reduce current delta and see if that helps.