Question Razer blade stealth early 2019 fps dropping

Jan 25, 2020
Razer Blade Stealth 13 early 2019:
Intel Core i7-8565U 4-Core,
NVIDIA GeForce MX150,
13.3" FHD 1080p,

Hello everyone,

I got this Ultrabook last month at black Friday. I understand is not a gaming laptop, but running League of Legends should be more than enough in very high setting. I looked it up online and both Razer website, online video, and online reviews mention that running LOL should be smooth. However, that was not the case. when I logging to the game, FPS was at 180-200, it went down to 100-120 five min after, later on, it will drop to 40-50. It happened every single game. I lower my in game setting from very high to medium, same fps, then lower to very low setting, same fps.

I try a lot of things, for example:
every driver was updated, uninstall and reinstall gpu driver
yes, I did play with the charger. I did change the power setting to highest performance.
uninstall and reinstall the game
I did setup the NVidia control panel
I even factory reset my laptop.

I do not think overheat was the issues because it was not hot, it was just warm, then I turn the fans speed to highest, in that case the laptop wasn't even warm, it stay cool throughout the game.
but nothing change.

When I play with bots or using practice tool, FPS remain normal 130-160 at all time, I been testing it for one and the half hours. However, the problem only happened during players vs players.
one thing will boost the fps back up for a few second is i unplugged the charger then plug back in again, it will go up to 120 for a min or two, but it will go back down right after.
or if i adjust the fan speed when the fps is low. it will go up to 120 for a min or two, then go back down again. I really don't know what was the problem, anybody have the same issues? Can anyone please help?
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