Razor products, The Deathadder Mouse


Apr 13, 2012
Hey guys, not sure I'm posting in the right spot but this seemed up to par.

I just bought the razor Deathadder mouse and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything good for me to keep it? It's just really not comfortable to me... I have a microsoft mouse with the same hot keys as the Razor and the Microsoft is more comfortable.... and I really dont see a difference in terms of DPI? I mean I didn't play to much with it but didn't see.

It was 60 american dollars

there is the logitech G700 and the Logitech performance MX for 100 american at the same place I got it from, was thinking of doing a return and buying one of those instead...

also they have the R.A.T 7 for 100 american, any of these choices good? Or should I stick to the Razor and give it a while


I personally feel Razer products quality has dropped drastically over the years. I officially stay away from them now. My last item from them was a deathadder and its currently sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

I haven't heard many positive things about the RAT either. I'm sure forum user Hexit can chime in on that one =).

Logitech seems to make some solid mice, although I'm not a big fan. I personally tried the G400 and didn't like it. LOD and weight felt odd to me. Sensor wasn't bad though.

I ended up going back to my Microsoft mouse in the end.


Apr 18, 2011
Razer as a company is poor quality control and not always the best design concepts. The Deathadder however is tried, true, and widely used.

Since you obviously have very very limited grasp of DPI or the implications of high or low dpi, you're the literal target of DPI marketing. The best DPI is the one that is comfortable to you and predictable for your reflexes. The best way to find out what DPI you prefer is to try a DPI, and if it is uncomfortable, adjust it up or down. Just because one mouse has 5600 dpi, and another has 2400, does not mean that the 5600 dpi mouse is better or that it gives you any advantage. Don't get sucked into worrying about the DPI. If the mouse's highest or lowest available DPI's are not high enough/low enough for your taste, that is another matter.

If you are accurate with the mouse and if it is comfortable in your hand, it is the right mouse. If either of those are not true, then you should continue looking. More often than not in the mouse market, price does not correlate to quality. You should remember this. Some of the laser sensors in very expensive "gaming" mice are actually inaccurate and cannot produce predictable results through movement, making them completely inferior from a technical standpoint. The fact is that most people won't notice the difference, and the mouse companies know this. Ironically the people who immediately look at the most expensive mouse they can find, are usually the same people who couldn't tell the difference between its sensor and any other sensor, let alone judge which was superior.

Gothams Finest

Sep 15, 2011

The DeathAdder is a very good mouse, but if its not comfortable for you to use then it isn't the right mouse for you.

The DeathAdder could be the best mouse in the world but if it isn't comfortable for you to use then you will never be happy with it.

If possible, go to a shop and try out as many different mouses as possible, find out which ones are comfortable for you to use, and then compare which has the best quality, features etc.
as others have said there more design than ability. build quality has dropped off over the last few years due to them becoming a dominant force, a place they no longer deserve and are loosing a grip on...
cooler master and logitech have increased there kudos with users due to keeping it simple and offering great products at reasonable prices... but because mouse comfort is such a subjective thing its hard to give a good answer. what works for me may not work for you.... i suggest you go to a local shop that sells gaming gear and spend a few minutes with your hand on em. you will know instantly what feels comfy to you.
the rat 7 is a good mouse if you can get 1 that works. problem is consistent build quality so if you buy 1 be prepared to send it back for a replacement.
logitech g400 g500 and g700 all work well and most users are happy with them although im not a fan of wireless.
coolermaster im hearing nothing but good things about. they really are trying to give gamers good gear at a fair price.