Realtek?/5.1 problem


May 17, 2012
Hi, I've been researching for hours, but can't get my 5.1 home cinema to work with my computer

I'm connecting the home cinema via optical cable, but when I do the 3d sound test only the front speakers are working.

At the home cinema I can't select the dolby digital option, just dolby pro logic, stereo or 5ch stereo.

In other threads they said you need to enable the 5.1 selecting the digital output at the realtek HD audio manager, but I only have "realtek hd audio output", but nothing else, digital audio output seems missing.

At the windows device manager I have Reatek high definition audio device, amd high definition audio device (don't even know which one I'm using or if they are different sound cards)

I'm using windows xp by the way and my motherboard is a XFX 750a sli

Any help PLEASE?

Optical can not carry uncompressed 5.1 audio. The only surround formats that can be transferred over are Dolby/DTS.

Reltek audio chipsets do not have the ability to nativly encode to either format, limiting you to 2.0 for audio not already in one of those formats. For isntance, a DVD will have a 5.1 Dolby/DTS track, so you can get 5.1 audio when watching a movie off a DVD, but games typically don't, limiting you to just 2.0.