Recovering Data - Unsure of RAID Type


Jan 12, 2012
My neighbor recently blew out his motherboard on his 6/7 year old XPS beast. Unfortunately, the data on the hard drives was not backed up to any external media so we have a slight issue. He recalls the hard drives being in a RAID format, but not the format that mirrors, so I'm assuming they're in a RAID 0 format. The two hard drives, thankfully, are SATAs which I'm hoping may make this easier.

At this point, there's no hope in recovering the motherboard. I'm currently in the middle of building a new system so my question is as follows. Is there any easy way while I'm building my new rig to plug his HDs and recover the data on them? My first thought would be to boot the new rig using his two HDs but I would suspect something may go haywire. The last thing I'd like to do is be the cause of wiping out those drives. I don't have much experience with failed RAID arrays so if anyone could lend a hand, we both would be most appreciative. Thanks!