Question Rectify file sizes on recovered files from a deleted volume


Aug 22, 2015
Hello all,

I made a dumb mistake last night and when going to clone a drive and clean up some old file data I deleted a volume from a harddrive which I did not intend to.

Not a super big deal. I have a backup of the drive from probably 3 or so weeks ago.

There were a few projects added to the drive since the last backup. Which I would like to try and get back. I used a deleted volume recovery tool to try and simple recover the volume. That didn't end up working for me. I was able to use a different tool which was able to explore the volume and retrieve the files. I did this and was able to get back nearly everything in a functional state.

However there is one video project that is probably 10gb or no max, but the recovered size would work out to being 1.2TB.

I have a 2tb drive I can clone it over to from recovery.

I've looked around online with people facing similar issues where recovered files are in some cases larger than their original drive because of fragmentation and how recovery works.

However my question is, would it even be worth it? Is there a way to rectify the file back to it's original size or is it all sort of a wash and there is something corrupt that more than likely can't be solved. I know it's never full proof you'll recover anything in situations like this but I'm wondering what might be a viable solution in this case?


Mar 16, 2013
You can try to recover it back to the 2TB.
But unlikely it will be reassembled back into an actual working "1.2TB video". Likely you'll end up with 100,000 small files of .txt, or maybe .jpg (single frames from the vid).

You can try though.

But this is specifically what backups are for. You data should never live on a single drive, exactly for accidents like this.