[SOLVED] Red led cpu new build!!!

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Oct 29, 2013
Hello everyone two days ago I bought new parts to build new pc, the parts are:

Mobo:Gigabyte gaming x b660 ddr4
CPU:Intel i5 12400f
Ram:Kingston fury beast 2x8 3600
Gpu:gtx 750 1gb (planned to update)
Psu: Corsair 550cx bronze 80 plus

So when I assembly all things and power on
Pc no boot and red light cpu led appears.
After that close the pc and remove one stick
Then system powers up and enter to bios. So
I was so happy, this happens 2-3 times.
But after that when I connect USB the system never boot again...
I notice that when I touched cpu cooler feel electric shock...
Things that I tried change memory stick to all slots , remove bios battery, reset bios
, unplug and reseat all power cables,run with stock Intel cooler, Nothing works
I'm so anxious that I ruined my new pc... When power on pc no signal and red led cpu. Can static discharge damage motherboard and cpu

Please help!!! 🥲🥲
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