Dragon Chaser

May 31, 2010
I suspect there is a virus or malware in the Sony Viao laptop. Even thought McAfee and Malwarebytes show it's clean, but it's running very slow.

The computer has no important data on it, so I am thinking about clean the whole thing out by reformat. What is the proper way to do it without losing the window Vista OS? Where do I find the product key info?

Not possible to reformat the 'whole thing' and not wipe the drive clean. Not having SP2 installed could be one cause of the system running slow. Updated drivers can make the system run better. Also running a system cleanup with ccleaner can improve performance. Also, opening the run command and typing in sfc /scannow will run the system file checker and repair any OS files that need be repaired. Laptops normally have a recovery partition installed, check the online product page or system manual for repair/recovery instructions. Otherwise, a Vista installation DVD is needed.