Question Reinserted CPU, PC won't start

May 28, 2020

So my brother decided that removing the CPU to change the thermal paste will be a nice idea, but, it turns out that now my PC isn't starting

When I power up my PC the fans are starting and pretty much that's all :(

Also I have to add that I don't know too much things but, if you need, I can provide further info

Please help me

Thanks in advance
Can you like your full system specs including what cooler you are using

First check if there are any LED lighs indicating an issue on the motherboard. Second I would buy a motherboard speaker, usually around 5 usd and plug it into the correct header and see if the motehrboard is outputting a beep error code.

Did he remove the CPU from the socket? If so then take it all apart and make sure that the pins (AMD will be on the CPU, Intel will be in the Socket) aren't bent

If he removed just the cooler while it could still have bent a pin by forcing the cooler off too rough check to see that the CPU cooler fan is plugged int the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard. If no fan is connected the computer wont boot properly.

Id the monitor plugged into the motherboard of video card output? If its in the motherboard plug it into the graphics card, this is especially necessary if you have a CPU with no integrated graphics such as a Ryzen.

If you are plugged intot the graphics card move the monitor cable to the motherboard if you have a CPU with integrated graphics to rule out if the graphics card is at fault.