Remote desktop (Florida to server in the Philippines), keyboard latency?


May 18, 2019
When I type via remote desktop (halfway around the world) my keyboarding is very poor. Strokes are missed entirely, or some strokes repeat to infinity until I hit backspace. The problem is very severe. Every sentence has wrong or repeated characters.

Everything else via the remote desktop seems fine. Mousing is normal, programs and web pages respond appropriately, audio and video are fine. But the typing is terrible.

When not on remote desktop everything works fine, no keyboard issues and a new machine with more than adequate power. I have a new, wired, keyboard, and have also used multiple keyboards to confirm it is not a keyboard hardware issue.

My speeds are: Download 50mbs, upload 3mbs. I just tested my local ping at 19ms. When I play World of Warships (not via the Philippines of course) my ping usually fluctuates between 35ms-55ms. (Server somewhere in North America.)

I have a basic Netgear Docis 3.0 modem/router with updated firmware. I have reset it of course and it has no effect on the problem. I am connected via ethernet, not wifi.

Looking for the fix:
Will increasing my upload speed to 10mbs likely have any effect? Upgrading to a new Docos 3.1 modem/router? Any other suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated!
There are many remote desktop programs that work fine. I tend to see mouse issue more than keyboard ones on high latency.

I would check the ping time between your machine and the remote server.

It is not a bandwidth issue. Keyboard traffic is going to be in single bits/sec rate.

I suspect this is some setting. This used to be like the old telnet days where you connected to a mainframe. Every keystroke was sent and acknowledged. On high latency connections say on a satellite it would take 1/2 a second per key. Over the years they change the things like telnet worked to not send the data until you pressed enter and then sent all the data as a single string.

Your remote desktop may have a similar issue. In addition if it is using feature like a spell checker, depending on how they implement it may also be causing delays.

I would see if there is some setting you can change. When I have run remote desktop the keyboard was seldom a problem it was always something else that caused issues for me.
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