Question Removing Segurazo Antivirus

Feb 17, 2020
Hello, new here, and desperately looking for help to get rid of Segurazo Anitvirus that is crashing all my browsers. I don't even know what it came in on. I did follow detailed instructions from another source on how to remove it from the registry but some of them wouldn't allow me to remove them. I can't afford an antivirus program right now and I'm using free version of Avast. I did download Syphunter but after a deep scan they put me on hold for 48 hours and no guarantee they'll get it all. My laptop wouldn't even let me do a system restore I imagine the virus is preventing it. Please help me get this thing off my laptop so my browsers will stop crashing. Before they do a box pops up with a warning from Segurazo. I have an Asus laptop Windows 10 thank you.
I test installed it on a VM several months ago, and there was a normal 'uninstall option' within Windows menus, barring perhaps multiple versions of it anyway...

See if there is an add/remove programs' option for it to be normally removed...