Question Repair Windows Help

Scutu Mix

Mar 26, 2015
Hello everyone, I'm not sure what I did wrong but I have an issue with my Windows 10. o_O

The first thing I did, I used Acronis Disk Director 12.5 to clone my C: drive SSD to a brand new Samsung NVMe (MBR Boot) which was installed in my computer using a PCIe Adapter. I did check - Copy NT Signature to make sure the new drive (NVMe) will be the good C: moving forward.

At the end of the process, the computer turned off. I disconnected the SSD and let the PC boot from the NVMe - to find out that my Motherboard (Intel DX79sr) doesn't support booting from NVMe - PCIe Adapters... Anyway, if it is not working, it is what it is, it's an old board so no high expectations from it. I returned the NVMe and the adapter to Amazon... BUT... as soon as I installed the old SSD C: again (same SATA Cable Connection) I get the bellow Blue Screen right after posting and before Windows is loading.

I opened my Asus Laptop, connected a USB HDD and created a Windows Repair Disk (40 Gb). When in this Blue Screen, none of my keys (Enter, F8, etc) are working from my wireless keyboard - or the system is frozen :unsure:. The PC/Windows Recovery Blue Screen didn't recognize the Repair USB Hdd so I remove it from the USB Case and connect it to an empty SATA plug - Guess what???.. as soon as this Repair HDD was connected to the SATA cable, the Windows started right away with no issues, no errors, no problems - and that's how I use it for a few days now.

- If I disconnect the Windows Repair disk from the SATA cable, the below Recovery Blue Screen shows up again. I connect the Repair disk again and everything goes back to normal and it works perfectly!

- I've tried Shift + Restart to open the Windows Repair Menu but nothing to be fixed there. Windows Troubleshooting Menu doesn't find any issues with my Windows and it just tells me to continue to Windows.

I believe that the SSD C: drive signature was changed or removed by Acronis D.D. when I cloned the SSD to the NVMe. Is there any possible way to fix my SSD without reinstalling Windows?

I have two accounts (one for personal, one for work) and many apps installed already on both accounts and it will take me a lot to reinstall everything.

System Config: