Replacing a 10yr old build


Apr 10, 2009
I’m new here and this is my 1st post, so here goes.

I’ve seen other similar posts regarding this, but would like more information that’s more specific to my situation.

I have to replace this 10 year old +/- desktop and would like some opinions. Cost is the main concern. Then I’m looking to build a system that’s not to behind the times. This is what I’m leaning towards.

AMD – Athlon 5200 or maybe even a Sempron LE-1300 (I've been happy with AMD ever since they became an option)

Start with 1 - 2048 - 800 (maybe 1066) memory, which will leave me open to upgrade later - (OCZ or Mushkin)

Asus – M3A78 xx

Gigabyte – GAMA74GM S2

Biostar – A770 A2+

(I think I got all the model numbers correct)

I should be able to get by with parts from my old one. Again, money is tight.

This is mainly used for business (office) and I spend a whole lot of time in Photoshop and Pagemaker/Insight. Some surfing for doing research I’ll probably upgrade to Vista, since I most likely will have to eventually. XP, a 1.5 and 1gb handled this fine for me and it lasted 10yrs. So, if I can get that out of this new build , I’ll be satisfied. After that I'll be old enough not to care about using a computer anymore

Any opinions or comments will be welcome.


Feb 9, 2009
your pc isn't 10yr's old if it's got 1gb of ram in it.

for your PC get a 4850e X2 and 4gb of memory with the M3A78-VM since the 4850e only has a 45w tdp, and the mobo has display port along with the 4gb of ram will make a difference.


Jan 7, 2009
Things that are so old and arent seen on many shipping places, shouldn't be used again with new technology IMO.

If your going to get something new, buy a fully new rig when you get the money.