Report: Nvidia GTX 480, 470 Availability Delayed

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[citation][nom]buddhav1[/nom]At least they're trying to avoid mistakes. Grey Screening 5xxx series card?[/citation]Oh, like how Nvidia avoided cooking cards with a driver release that sometimes didn't spin up the fans properly? Whoops! I'll take gray screening drivers over damage-my-GPU drivers. Especially since AMD has been pretty good about new driver releases and hotfixes.
[citation][nom]aznguy0028[/nom]Report: This just in, the timeline for GTX 480 boxes are still on schedule. Benchmarks will shortly follow,[/citation]My box has twice as many cores as yours! It will render cardboard images with superior clarity...


Dec 7, 2009
[quotemsg=9188755,58,252514]All you will be see everywhere on March 26th at say 12noon "Backordered no shipments planned".[/quotemsg]

apparently it has been pushed back to april 6


Nov 23, 2008
Never late than never? Won't matter if GeForce 480 doesn't blow away the 5870... And when something is very late, it won't matter unless its Duke Nukem, of course.

Continuing the boycott of NOT using "GT/GTS/GTX" with current GeForce Products as they don't mean anything anymore.


Feb 7, 2008
Nvidia has got to be hurting right now. I was just in Fry's looking at different hardware and ventured back to the video card section. Usually the store in Burbank has a crappy selection, but this time I was amazed. They had every model of ATI video card from 5450 upto the 5850, but nothing from Nvidia above the GTS250.

Now I know this is just one store from one chain, but that's still amazing. Personally, unless you're an Nvidia fan-boy, there would be no way in hell that I would opt for a reworked 5 year old product from Nvidia over a 5800 series card from ATI.

I realize Fermi is coming, but Nvidia still has to cover the market segments from $125 to $400, and it doesn't look like they are. It looks like they've thrown every egg they have into Fermi and are hoping it can somehow be the end-all-be-all for the entire top tier gaming market.

I'm running GTX280's in SLI and love them, but I'm now having doubts about Nvidia. ATI has absolutely every nook and crannie of the video card market covered with there 5000 series of cards. Nvidia has junk at the bottom, and vaporware as it's top product.

What gives Nvidia?


Dec 1, 2007
Jokes 101: Hearing it 6 times isn't like hearing it once.

On a related note, a week isn't going to hurt them any more than it already has. Not to mention, it's not a development issue, it's a manufacturing issue. They're not patching up any last minute oopsie daisies, they're trying to fab enough for consumption. Don't expect any more of less of the card that what you thought you'd get a week earlier.

That said, they're doing a bangup job with the hype. The week delay only fueled the insane buzz the card is already getting. I'm sure a large amount of people will jump on the card the second they see ANY benchmark, even if it's from nVidia themselves (which will obviously be skewed).

Don't buy it on release unless THW or another reputable site puts it through its paces.


Feb 28, 2010
I really get a kick out reading through the comments.
I mean come on now who wouldnt.
Ok first and fore most for the people who say and have said

pocketdrummer 03/17/2010 6:40 AM

" a week isn't going to hurt them any more than it already has. "

" steddy 03/17/2010 3:00 AM

Disappointing, to be sure. But hey, you don't want them to release a defective product, do you? Also, contrary to what jrharbort said, a week doesn't make a huge difference."
I think it is safe to say this has been said and rehashed over and over now for months. Sept, Oct and pretty much ALL of 2009 initial launch date for Fermi passed a looong time ago. Here we are in March or 2010 and what do you have ? Nothing. nada. zip.
I for one enjoy all the feedback and posts on this subject but lets me honest here, Fermi is NOT what everyone thought it would be and who in there right mind would Believe Nvidia now? Are you kidding me ?
Let me be the First to go on record here and say that I believe Fermi
(when ever it is released )will cause many people problems once the get it home and running. Simply put this card will run waaay to Hot and there will be issues. Watch and see.


Aug 30, 2007
im not a real fan of either, I had in the past mostly nvidia up to the point when i switched, which i switched 2x from 7900 (rmaded then sold it) then got the 9800gtx+ was sweet, until i got a new lcd monitor and went 1080... then the 512mb was no good on it... so i got the 5870... on a good price of 5850

with that said i have been amd cause of $$$ knowing well that intel had some of the top end cpu's but I'm very happy with my ph II atm...

I feel really bad for nvidia, despite that I started to dislike them due to the things they have done in the past... why you might ask?

as many others said I want them to do well cause of competition.. that is the only way the consumers win... without it we (consumer) lose when it comes to $$$ and performance... i mean really do you just keep competing with yourself? if your the only one left?

I think everyone should cheer for nvidia, they need to get there product out :p

we dont want ati to get lazy :p and i want the new drivers to be good too for my 5870 :D


Nov 21, 2008
[citation][nom]leonlee[/nom]Maybe they should concentrate more on delivering Fermi to consumers instead of setting up "I hate Intel" websites. Just an idea.[/citation]

Because the anti-Intel website is obviously created by the same people that design the actual GPUs :p


Mar 17, 2010
If I recall correctly the AMD/ATI 5xxx series had problems with the same foundry and was also a paper launch (not high enough volumes at launch). What's the difference now? Oh it's the "evil" Nvidia? :p


Jan 13, 2009
if you look close to a fermi chip you see a good gpu...but if you look at him a little bit further you see a gpu at his maximum limits,:i mean fermi is at his maximum thermal limit,architecture limit, power consumption limit,size limit, marketing limit,price limit etc etc... Fermi is a chip that is at 115% capacity ....and with all that just to keep up with a 5800 gpu realease last year...just look at the latest ATI gpu Asus Mars and lets talk about LIMITS....guys this is the truth Fermi is already an old chip


Jul 10, 2006
[citation][nom]avinatbezeqintdotnet[/nom]We need nvidia to succeed, so we won't be left with just one big market ruler.[/citation]

We are years away from that. I need them to fail for a while, and succeed after.


Feb 3, 2009
in order for all this hype to matter fermi has to deliver,

this hype could backfire,

the delays, power consumption, and seemingly lackluster performance could compound on one another crushing nvidias rep like

"a house of cards in a nebrbaskan picnic"



Apr 8, 2009
I had enough with nvidia. I sold my GTX285 OC2 BFG to buy the GTX480, no matter the price!!!but, because i think that this gtx480 will be like Hd2900 in the past I ordered yesterday a Msi R5870.
I hope that in the 6-9 month the New improve fermi will come, because I lost faith in this generation.also the new Fermi will have mature drivers not like this one.
so for now i will enjoy my second ati purchase after the x5950 xt,end I will wait a real good gpu from nvidia to come like 8800gtx


Oct 16, 2009
The promise of a release date it's just a move, too keep people from buying other cards, 1 more week we promise! keep tuned! - (next week)-> Owh! just 1 more weeks mates! and you'll discover the full potential of fermi! and so on, and so on and so on. The real potential is in the buyer's hands, the potential to run to get an ATI, or to "keep tuned" and wait, and wait and wait.


Jan 20, 2010
Can I ask a question? Why haven't we been bombarded with info, or even had the slightest mention of the latest ATI cards from Sapphire, XFX and ASUS. With 4gb and significant increases in clock speeds you think this might be newsworthy??

These models seem to be worth a few photos and a bit of speculation as to how much their performance will improve, oh and a launch date for them might be nice too.
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