Question Require proper drivers for supremefx s1220a audio

Dadrian Daedalus

May 25, 2015
I recently bought an Asus Rog strix b365 motherboard that features something called supremefx s1220a audio.

However when i installed the audio drivers from the accompanying DVD,only the basic audio features were usable-i was expecting some software based control panel that would allow me to configure and manage various audio settings,but surprisingly no such thing was available and i had to use windows control panel to change audio settings.

It seems these supremeFX chips are supposed to come bundled with something called sonic studio that allows users to fine tune audio settings-but no such software seems to be included with the mobo's driver disc,nor could i find anything like that on Asus' website.

Can anyone tell me where can i find working Win 10 compatible drivers and software for my onboard supremeFX audio chipset?Without proper utilities and drivers,its as good as useless!

I tried installing the latest audio drivers from realtek's website but that didn't seem to work either-like before,it only allowed access to basic audio features via the windows control panel,but there was no way access any advanced setting or option.

So if anyone knows where the actual working drivers might be available,please comment or share the link here.

The Paladin

  1. what version of the motherboard are you using Asus Rog strix b365 has F & G versions.
  2. according to Asus RoG Strix web site indicates the on board sound is Realtek Audio
  3. according to the same manufacturer web site "SupremeFX is featured on the Maximus VI Gene and Hero gaming motherboards" (which B365 doesn't have maximus nor Hero Motherboards)
so again I ask what is really your motherboard in complete details please.