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Question Reset

Feb 1, 2019
So my PC that I built is experiencing some hitching and I’m assuming it’s cause I was downloading random stuff and probably downloaded som virus or something and I usually just reset my pc to windows 10 because it seems to just fix the issue and when I do reset it, I always have issues with it for example not knowing how to put windows 10 on It because it gets extremely confusing but is there anyway to reset all my files and keep windows 10 on the computer? It would save me a lot of time and also last time when I reset I put”reset and delete my files” but that didnt keep windows 10. To sum it all up I’m trying to reset my pc to have nothing on it but windows 10 without all the extra work of taking it to someone to do it for me. (Also side note would upgrading to the rtx 2060 be a good choice)

my Build:

Case: AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side Window, Black
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 DRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory Model CMW16GX4M2D3000C16
GPU: Radeon Rx 570
SSD: 1tb
Motherboard: ASRock B-450m steel legend


Resetting Windows 10 without removing Windows 10 is a little like asking how to rake the leaves in your yard without picking up any leaves. The whole point of a wipe-and-reinstall is to wipe Windows 10.

If you're getting viruses, there's no shortcut. You need good antivirus coverage and behavior that doesn't result in viruses, not a "cheat" to get around a problem.