[SOLVED] Router 'Blows Up'- taking out LAN port ASUS G60 Notebook ++


Sep 11, 2014
A new Windstream Router (abused in 3-weeks shipping by FedEX), actually sounded like gun going off .. the BANG; was so loud. Tech Rep when router was being replaced found there were PIECES LOOSE INSIDE THE ROUTER ,, shaking router could HEAR pieces rattling around inside. (was no storm nearby or sign of power surge). FYI- cat5 wire from router to Powerline Adapters in elec outlets were dead at both ends (cat 5 wire routed too AVR, SMART TV, BluRay Player- powerline adapters toast but equipment was OK. A SECOND Cat 5 wire from Router that was wired DIRECT to Sony bdp-5500 BluRay Player in Bedroom (used to Stream video and play discs) was Toast (i.e will NOT turn ON or light up, unit is dead).

Personal Opinion: Router Unit had INTERNAL SHORT which was severe enough to cause internal parts to come apart (ie Pieces rattling LOOSE inside which was NOT Normal prior to Internal Short). This Short caused electrical surge that went through every Cat 5 wire that was attached to Windstream Router, burning out equipment Cat 5 wire was attached).
Suggestions from Group?
Possible mains feed inside shorted down the lan ports. You will need to talk to supplier and see what compenstaion you can get for faulty equipment, they will have to get compensation from Fedup for poor shipping.


May 20, 2017
I had this happen to an HP inkjet printer. It is an electrolytic capacitor blowing up. My printer was not even turned on at the time. Suddenly there was loud arcing, all the house lights dimmed, and the smoke (probably very carcinogenic) made it impossible to see except crawling on the ground. It was loud, there were scorch marks all over.

At one job I worked with 440 three phase power supplies. They were in a protective metal cage with the top intentionally designed to be weaker than sides...if a capacitor failed the top would blow instead of going sideways. This would embed metal parts in the concrete ceiling. I absolutely guarantee that even a deaf person would have been woken up from sleep by that noise.

Your router manufacturer should use better capacitors.

PS: I won't buy HP printers anymore (I like Xerox). It took 30 minutes of answer yes to stupid HP support questions like restaring the PC, reinstalling drivers, so on...before I was allowed to say "it burst into flames and melted". Any attempt at all to deviate from their scripted line of questions was very rudely squashed. 30 minutes pretending to go through the software check list just so I could say exploded and burned...and this is not exaggerated.