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Question Router to replace my current modem-router


Jul 13, 2013
Hey everyone,

I'll begin by saying that I am very proficient with computers, but I am VERY clueless when it comes to networking. You'll have to excuse me for my ignorance.

To make a long story short - my current modem-router is very bad.
During team meetings the conversation constantly drops, the WiFi stops working every other day and it takes forever to restart it.
It is the basic model which I've received from my ISP. Horrible.

Unfortunately - I can't completely replace this modem-router because my internet provider uses a coaxial cable which I cannot find in other modem-router models.

1) I was told that by disabling the router-part (enabling Bride Mode) and connecting an external router - I could solve most (if not all) of my problems.
Is there truth to this? Why would disabling the router on my current modem-router and connecting a different router to it make a difference?

2) If number 1 is in fact true, which model should I get?
Since I am not planning on replacing the purchased model anytime soon, money is no issue. I'll take what is best and what will serve me for years to come.
There's currently a sale on the Asus RT-AX88U. Is it a good model?

Thank you :)
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This gets tricky when you think you have defective equipment. The problem may also affect the modem part of the box.

Coax is one of the most common forms of internet connections. If you had said it was fiber then that would be another issue.

You likely just need a cable modem or a router that has a cable modem in it. Your ISP should have lists of modems that work with their system. Most common will be a docsis 3.0 unless you have a gigabit connection.

If you think the problem is purely the wifi you can use a second router without putting the current device into bridge mode. You would turn off the wifi radios in the main router and then use the second router as AP.

Asus makes good routers but that router support wifi6. It will also support older technology but not a lot of end devices have wifi6 support. Mostly the price will likely come down as more equipment gets on the market.
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