Question rtx 2070 super performance on benchmarks is similar to a normal rtx 2070

Aug 29, 2019
Hi all, so i just finished building my very first gaming pc, and i decided to run some benchmarks to see how well its performing. I was surprised to see that i was getting way lower benchmark scores than other people with the same gpu. My performance was similar to an rtx 2070 not an rtx 2070 super. for example, on userbenchmark my gpu scored 103. It was in the lowest 13 percentile and similar to an rtx 2070 non super (the super averaged 111). I also tried userbenchmark and i got a low score of 5500(every one else with an rtx 2070 super scored over 6800 on 1080p extreme). Could my cpu affect gpu benchmarking performance? Am aware that it does affect it in real life but would it affect a gpu benchmark score? What can i do to get my gpu to perform better? Am worried that i got scammed and the retailer swapped the card for an rtx 2070 non super, only problem is every software identifies it as an rtx 2070 super, is it even possible for the retailer to program it to identify as such? here is my rig(all stock no overclocking):
gpu: gigabyte rtx 2070 super 8gb oc edition
cpu: amd ryzen 5 3600
M.B: aorus x570 elite
ram:2*16 G.skill tridentz 3200mhz

thanks in advacnce.