Question RTX 2080 causing BSoD "Critical process died"

Aug 6, 2019
Hello everyone,

2 days ago when I launched PUBG my computer, BSoD "Critical process died" appeared on my computer after 10-20 seconds after launching.

I have launched the game for 2-3 more times and the same thing, nothing changed. Then I tried to do AIDA stress test (which worked good a month ago) and it has failed after 30 seconds and this BSoD appeared again. Also Furmark test failed after 30 seconds. Next day I launched this test again and it worked perfectly. I thought it was occasional problem and have not payed attention to it.

But today when I launched CS GO this BSoD appeard again. Test failed as usual, but then I removed RTX 2080 from computer, so only intel graphics was in it and I started test again and they worked good.

Can anyone tell what a heck is going on?
PC spec: i7 8700, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Windforce, RAM 16Gb 4133MHz, MB ASRock Phantom Gaming 6, be quiet system power 9 600 W