Question Rtx 4090 Palit Game Rock. A bad buy?

Nov 7, 2022
I got a question about the Rtx 4090 from Palit Gamerock. This card is in germany one of the cheaper options and i am able to get my hands on one of those. I often read, there would be a powersupply problem that haunts this card. The Palit Gamerock hast only a 16+3 VRM, while the Founders Edition got a better 20+3. VRM. Could this be a problem in the long run? I only would use this card for intensive 4k gaming. I got no interest in overclocking or competitive Benchmarking. Im glad for any replys.


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If we are being honest, right now, I'd avoid the RTX 4090 COMPLETELY until all of the issues with the 16 pin connector melting are sorted out. If you are not aware of those issues, it would be a good idea to read both of the following articles because the problems aren't just with the adapters but also with native 16 pin connectors on ATX 3.0 power supplies. While I understand not everybody is having this problem, personally, I wouldn't want to spend that kind of money on a card and end up being one of the unlucky ones. Especially since it's been less than a month since release and we have no idea yet if this is going to be become a much more widespread problem as time goes on, or not.
May 7, 2022
Palit isn't a bad buy.
Is it as good as Asus ROG Strix OC 4090? No, does it matter? No
Is build quality so low that it dies a lot sooner than other cards? probably a no too.
If you're worried about weak power delivery, well, you can avoid stressing the GPU too much, and I highly recommend you to undervolt it (It is a must for 4090s with all the power cable issues and high power usage)

I would only and only get mad if I got a lesser popular brand like Palit over a more popular one at the exact same price, other than that you're good.


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Thank you but that wasnt even my question
Yes, I know it wasn't your question but there are a lot of people out there who are unaware of this issue and it's something anybody looking to buy one NEEDS to know.

As far as the card itself is concerned, Palit is a highly respected manufacturer, so I have no concerns there especially for the European markets where some of the options for more "western" brands is limited or non-existent. And as far as the VRM is concerned, if you don't plan to do any overclocking then it's pretty much a moot point. Palit wouldn't put a VRM configuration on a card if it was unable to handle the demands of it's stock configuration, at least. Besides which, not all VRM configurations are equal even if they look like it on paper. There are many instances where a component, whether motherboard or graphics card, has something like a 20+3 VRM but actually struggles more than a VRM with fewer power phases because the quality and characteristics of the components that make up the lower phase VRM configuration is much higher.

I would really only be very concerned if I was planning to overclock or if it was a model with a pretty fat factory overclock.