Running bf3 on high settings


Sep 23, 2011
Hi there,

Recently I read a forum that claimed you can play bf3 alpha beta on high settings using a gtx460 and get 40-60fps, with 30+ at intense moments. As I understand it, the final product will be optimized and you'll be able to push out more frames with the same hardware. I was thinking of getting either a 6850 or 6870 since they're both better than a gtx 460 and at my local store, in fact cheaper. Is this a good choice for playing bf3 on high settings on a 28' monitor, hopefully at 1080p?? Is there a processor I should be looking out for?? I know that the recommended gpu is either gtx560 ti or 6950, but will a 6870 be enough??

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It's actually the opposite of what you think.Yes the GTX460 would have probably been able to play the Alpha on High no problem but the Alpha version was just for server testing and bugs.The settings were toned way down so that everyone was able to run it.So the GTX460 will actually get lower fps in the final game than in the Alpha.

Here is the final release system requirements...

Recommended system requirements
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad-core CPU
Memory: 4 GB
Hard drive: 20 GB
Graphics card: DirectX 11 compatible with 1024 MB ram (Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950)
Sound card: DirectX compatible
Keyboard and mouse
DVD rom drive

The 6870 will probably be enough to play on high settings but with no eye candy.Of course you need a powerful CPU to do that.

If you have the money I suggest going for a GTX560ti or a 6950.A 6870 will play it on fair settings but those cards would be more optimum.

What are your current system specs?(CPU,RAM,PSU,etc.)

What is your budget?


Sep 24, 2011

Sorry to contradict you but the game was actually more intense on systems then being worse on them. People with amazing set ups were only getting around 30fps because of the lack of proper drivers. I for one was getting around 15 FPS with an 8800gt on a 1600x1040 resolution and that was with a dual core proccesor. The Beta should show people if there systems can play the game and most of them will.

Always remember if a game gets released for consoles and you have a computer build from around 2007+ you can play the game better than they can, with the proper settings.

example: xbox360 is running the game with 30fps constant at 704p<<<

I'm pretty sure this is true but then again maybe the game is extremely altered so that you cannot play the game like you can on console.
Yes you are correct.Their was a lot of driver errors and optimization failures but if you could see the graphics you could tell they were turned way down.

The 2500k is a strong CPU.I'm sure it will handle BF3 fine.I know that for me in the Alpha my 965 @ 3.8ghz was at 90% usage.Playing that game is almost like running a stress test.

Really as of now we can't really say how it will perform compared to the Alpha.Maybe it will be less demanding or more demanding but more optimized.If your not building this system right away then I suggest you wait a week until the BETA is released and we get some type of confirmation on what works and what doesn't.That's really the only best way to know what you should get.I would also like to know myself if the an 6 core or 8 core CPU will see any improvement in BF3 over a quad core.You will always see an improvement of but it's always very minimal.What i'm saying is if BF3 is fully coded to utilize all of the cores a 6 or 8 core has to offer.

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Aug 16, 2011
I built mine for the Alpha.

I am confident in the Beta and Retail future performance.

The only thing left is a Zalman 9900 series nickel copper cooler and a 10 mbit Fiber.

Cannot upgrade much more than what I bought this summer, unless you go into the Z (Or X) 79 series.

It has been my experience in gaming, all computers digest a world of data (Pun intended) asap in intense battles. There will be someone who is a little late somewhere.