Question Rx 560 2gb

Sep 25, 2020
I have my pc specs : Core i5 4460 3.2ghz. 8gb ram powersupply is 300w. 3 days ago i have bought a new gpu HIS Rx 560 2gb. After that when i installed gpu in my pc and installed the latest amd driver that supports my gpu. An error occurs in my pc that "your display driver is stopped and has recoverd" And my pc also restarts many times. I have tried too many drivers from official website of amd redeon but issue does not resolve.

My friend is saying change your powersupply upgrade it atleast 500w.. Kindly help i am tired of it.. Why driver crashing error is happening..
So you are saying due to low power supply i am facing display driver crashing issue?
It's very possible.
The CPU and GPU alone can pull close to 200.
That only leaves you 100 for the motherboard....your drives....your fans....and anything else...and I think that's too close for comfort.
....and many times with power don't even get what they tell you may not even be getting 300 watts to begin with.