Question Ryzen 4000 5000 APU vs CPU

Oct 26, 2020
as and ryzen Pro launched 4000 series and 5000 series zen 2 zen 3 APU and CPU

I Have following queries in mind

1. What is architecture difference with Ryzen 4000 APU and CPU except integrated graphics

2. Why an Ryzen APU with IGPU is considered lower power then a CPU with RGPU for productivity

3. Will Ryzen APU 4650g with RGPU extra graphic card will perform same as 3600x with graphic card

4. BY which value of bechmarks we can compare check the APU processing performance power as and when compares to Ryzen CPU Processors

5. I can't understand that why a RGPU graphic card in PCIE slot and a IGPU embedded in the CPU outperforms

6. I can't understand that the IGPU shared VRAM in bios of motherboard is up to 16GB and same way the DGPU Graphics card come with 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB VRAM which one is better 4 GB I of ram if Graphic card or shared 10GB VRam of IGPU and why

7. Does an APU with IGPU technically is overloaded or overused when. It has to process graphics as well other as other work


1- 4000-series APUs are Zen 2, there are no 4000-series CPUs.
2- IGPs are generally slower than the slowest current-gen dGPU money can buy, the IGP robs memory bandwidth from the CPU and the CPU has to share TDP budget with the IGP so there is less power available for both, which all means lower performance overall than equivalent discrete components with separate local memory and power budgets
3- not quite, APUs also have less L3 cache and disabling the IGP won't change that
4- whatever benchmarks are most relevant to what you want to use the system for
5- see #2
6- IGPs have no memory of their own, they use system memory and the amount reserved in BIOS makes absolutely no difference since graphics drivers will allocate more on an as-needed basis. On dGPU though, the VRAM is physically separate, soldered next to the GPU itself and cannot be changed without changing the whole card
7- the question makes little to no sense, the APU will do whatever work it is able to do within its capabilities, you cannot "overuse" it, you'll just have to wait longer for stuff to complete when you throw CPU/GPU-intensive stuff at it just like you would any other CPU-GPU combination