Question ryzen 5 2600 idle temps on 60 or 63 degrees Celsius

Jan 31, 2020
My new ryzen 5 2600 on stock cooler idle temps goes on 60 or 63 degrees Celsius how to set it to normal using ryzen master or something ?
i have coolermaster mb500 casing so no issues with the airflow
and my gpu GTX 1650 super also works on low temps
i am using ASUS B450 PLUS motherboard i hope someone answers me.

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that is not an idle scenario when you have 1 core running at 100%. Something rides in the background.

Second thing to check is the power plan on windows.
people ten to say you need to set minimal power high and then cpu have no time to cool down, its forced to idle at 50% top speed when it can go down to ~10%.
here's how to change it:
you should have ~5% minimal speed and 99% or 100% at top speed.

99% stops cpu from turbo, so it will be slower but a lot less hot (useful for laptop)


Run Ryzen Master to check temps...and as Rdslw noted above one of your cores is pegged at 100%.

As far as power plans just run the Ryzen Balanced plan and let the people who built the chip determine how it works...we see too many people on here complaining after messing up their cpu c-states.