Ryzen upgrade to windows 7 machine

Jun 18, 2018
I have a friend's daughter that I upgraded an FX setup to a new ryzen one. She has windows 7 installed with a ton of games and other stuff in place that boots perfectly fine. I just have no usb input (the board doesn't have a ps2 port) because of ryzen's lack of support. Is there a way I can install them without injecting the drivers into a win 7 iso and have to reinstall again? Whether it be using another computer, putting the drive in a dock, or even setting up something that will auto run when popped into the dvd drive.
You need W10 64-bit as said above.

You will also want to plan very carefully to avoid losing data. I suggest you buy a new HDD or SSD (such as 250GB Samsung SSD) so you can keep the original untouched to boot back into in case you forgot some files or info.

*there are ways to avoid re-downloading the games such as:
a) reinstall Steam to W10, then
b) create a new folder in Steam library settings (i.e. "E:\Steam"), then
c) create that folder on the E-drive (HDD with Steam games) and cut/paste the entire "Steamapps" folder over

Some SAVES are cloud-based so fine and others will be somewhere in the "Documents" or "Documents->My Games" sub directories... so keep the entire Documents folder saved for that and other data.

So basically:

0) have the W10 login e-mail + password ready for install (i.e. MSN account)
1) obtain a W10 64-bit install media
2) shut down and UNHOOK all drives
3) hook up the new drive

4) install (will need password)… there is AUDIO now too so have speakers hooked up but not necessary

5) let MS Updates finish (start->settings->update&security)

6) install programs, drivers (if in doubt do NOT install a driver), setup fan software/profile as needed

7) transfer games

8) when satisfied, DELETE what you don't need for old Windows on other HDD/SSD, then make a BACKUP IMAGE of the Windows drive to secondary storage...Acronis True Image or similar.

*This is most, but not all, of what you want to do. Again, plan carefully and if possible avoid using the original Windows drive at all.


Yes, there are workarounds but there will continue to be issues that crop up such as lack of DX12 support. I think there are major SECURITY concerns as well.

*Having said that, it may be possible to add a PCIe card, but then you have no USB support at all?

How did you reinstall W7?
You didn't just rehook the old drive back up did you? That's strongly frowned upon as that can create multiple issues especially if the hardware is quite different.


Jul 18, 2016
Why is this question posted twice??

There are easy ways to get the required USB drivers, AMD published a driver set themselves; once the drivers are installed, Win7 works perfectly.

From reading various guides on Win7 and Ryzen, most boards will have some USB ports that work out of the box, however these will probably be the ones that need you to use the USB headers on the board.

Try these https://support.amd.com/en-us/download/chipset?os=Windows+10+-+64