S this 3d mark 06 score normal for my system?


Jan 21, 2010
my system is core i7920 with turbo boost at 2.8ghz and ht enabled.
-radeon 4890 at 850/975
-6gb ddr3 at 1600 triple channel
-windows 7 64bit
-400gb at 7200rpm
-750 watt power supply

heres my 3d mark 06 score:16,602
sm2.0 score-6,490
sm3.0 score-7,629
cpu score-4,971

im just wondering if this is normal cause ive always thought my computer ran a bit slower than it should when playing games like crysis warhead.

also during the cpu tests it ran horrible like it only got 1-2 fps while the graphics tests rarely went below 30fps. is that normal for the cpu test?