SATA hd shown as scsi, is it?


Nov 21, 2007
Hi, folks. This is the set up: Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro mobo, a single WD Raptor 36gb SATA hd, XP Pro.

First, this pc is up and running. And it was before I flashed the BIOS. I only flashed it because it was dated. (Side note: I’ll never be convinced that a working BIOS needs updating.) At the first boot, it went into a RAID configuration. I don’t know why, default, I guess.

The issue is that prior to the flash, the hard drive was seen as an SATA by Belarc and in the device manager. It’s now seen as a scsi drive. I want it to be SATA. I made changes in the BIOS to disable the Gigabyte raid controller and all of the other options that seemingly disable RAID to make it an SATA drive. Is it an SATA and running as SATA even though the software reports it as scsi?

It’s driving me nuts to see it as scsi. Would a reformat clear this up? Do I seem desperate? Ha! I know the BIOS loads before the hard drive, so I kind of doubt about the reformat. I’d appreciate some insight… thanks! David


May 11, 2007
All futuremark apps and device manager show my HD as Scsi even though its sata . I've tried different HD's but with no success. Never understood why. Don't think it makes any difference but it is bloody annoying.