Question SATA powered hub amp limit?

Jan 13, 2020
Hey there,

Bit of a noob question, but hoping you guys can help me out.

Looking at my MoBos Fan and ARGB headers and learning about amp limits.

I'll be well within the limits using simple splitters on my CPU/CHA fan headers.

But I was curious about using a SATA powered hub.

Something like this:

If you use something SATA powered for fans or an ARGB hub, should you be concerned with any kind of amp limit?



Yes, there is a limit. And remember, a fan Hub is using 12 VDC supply from the PSU for its fans, as a plain RGB system also would do. But an ARGB light Hub is using 5 VDC supplied from the PSU. Fortunately, most Hubs are designed to supply only fan motor power or lighting power, and not both from the same Hub.

Anyway, the limit is 4.5 A total current drawn from the PSU via a SATA output for each voltage, and a bit more in total if you are using more than one voltage line (which most Hubs do not do). I note that a mobo ARGB header normally can supply up to 5 A, so using a Hub for lights does not alter the current limit. However, it DOES allow connecting multiple lighting units to a single header. And in most cases, the consumption by lighting units is less than 1 A per unit, so you usually don't have a problem.