Question Scraping an accidentally reset android device free


Aug 24, 2015
Hey guys
I have an emergency. :ouch:
I have a Oukitel WP17 - which is like a giant battery with a display, that runs android. Good for self defense if you need it in a pinch too, I guess - it weighs a ton and is HUGE. On the upside I have 2 special needs kids that have dropped it countless times and even with the stock bumper case its still kicking. However, it doesn't have the best protection against ... um ... accidental hard resets. My daughter has decided to become a techie like mommy. She's 7 and has autism and is very clever and alsooccasionally we run into situations like these. I checked to see how it happened so easily when I saw it boot up with the lovely welcome screen where Google wanted to have me walk into it's open arms. Apparently you just boot to the recovery screen with 3 buttons held, and select an option that has no confirmations whatsoever. No double checks or anything, it just goes "click" okie dokie "wipe!" So now I have a blanked device which I take credit for not properly backing up === I have been incredibly busy trying to find housing and dealing with court and blah blah but still it is on me and I hang my head in shame. Seriously, please, someone help me quickly, if possible. I cannot afford to buy software for fixing this, if it is even possible so I would need freeware or FOSS. Or just get instructions from anyone on how to do it manually somehow, whatever works (please let something work). There are videos on there of my son the neurologist needs to see, The documents are for court and school and the pictures are everywhere. Call logs and sms and mms are backed up and zipped in MyBackup packages (.zip) and I need them incredibly badly. This is an absolute disaster at the worst time possible. I should have put it all on a cloud immediately. Additionally there are a ton of APKs backed up but those are the least of my worries. I don't expect to be able to restore this or rewind it. I just need to scrape these files off of it. I unfortunately forgot to take the SIM card out immediately so it did have a connection for a couple of minutes. But I don't think I properly connected it to a Google account when it rebooted ... if I did i backed out of it, because I have 2 accounts and I was uncertain. It DID make me verify my PIN when it rebooted initially so I know it remembers at least one TINY thing...
Can anyone help or shoot me over to the right forum?
Sorry to be a bother.
Sorry if my typing is awful, I hve kiddos pulling onmy arm, And theres no waiting to post until later because I need this ASAP and they will still be on my arm later anyways. =]
Thanks guys